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2 years ago
Busta 2 years ago
Agree. What a shit fucking video!
liberal man 7 months ago
I like if my wife will find BBC lover.
Tim 1 year ago
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Bill 1 year ago
Sarah you remind me of my ex-wife Theresa she used to tell me about how she got fucked by strange guy's and some of my real good friends. She even told me how she let them cum inside of her pussy too.
Real... 1 month ago
What a piece of wasted meat lol..she's not all that fucking hot..I've watched a few of her videos. She will end up on the streets somewhere missing most of her teeth, strung out on heroine...sucking dicks for her next fix lol
Tim 1 year ago
Nothing more exciting then meeting up with a complete stranger, watching your wife loosing all control, you aren’t game too stop it, only be told what too do. “Honey do you like me like this? Yes. Honey can he take the condom off now? Ummm ok. Honey do you mind if he cums in me? But we said before, I know but I’m Nelly cumming! Umm ok. Babe if you clean me up I will let you fuck me now. Ok. Nothing compares too it. Excitement plus